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Build On Your Lot - The OPULUX Approach

With years of experience building custom houses, we use the OPULUX Approach to constructing your dream home.  Our collaborative process is based on a customer centric approach to home construction.  Your vision combined with our intense attention to detail and passion for home building will result in a home that you will make unforgettable memories in for decades.

Due to our streamlined processes, we can normally build a custom house within 6-8 months of permit approval.

Phase 1

Initial Consultation

Contact us to coordinate an initial consultation to discuss what you are looking for in your dream home.  We will walk through some of your key requirements for a new home including the style of home, size of home, materials/finishes, and budget among other things.  During this consultation, we will also layout out our construction process in detail and answer any questions that you may have to ease your concerns.   

Phase 2

Lot Assessment

Own your lot -- we will perform a site visit with you to discuss how we can achieve your new home’s needs.  As part of this phase, our team will assess the site being considered for its condition and ability to construct your new home.  


Need a lot  --  our experienced team can work with you to identify a site lot based on your needs including location, size, budget, etc.

Phase 3

Design Review and Sales Contract

During this phase, we will review the house design and specifications and iterate on these steps until we have addressed all your needs. Once we have an agreement on the design and specifications, you will be provided with a pricing proposal and a project schedule. Upon signing of the sales contract, the work will commence.  If needed, we will also work with you to close on a construction loan to begin work.

Phase 4


Phase 5

Pre-Construction and House Build

We will coordinate the entire permitting process with the county as well as any townships as applicable.  

Once permits are received, we will be conducting a pre-construction meeting with our Construction Project Manager to perform another review of the plans and discuss the overall project schedule.  Construction will then begin and we will be reviewing our communication plan and scheduled site visits to walk you through the project’s progress.

Phase 6

Final Delivery

The project is finally complete and we want to be the first to welcome you to your new dream home.  We will take a full tour, walk you through each room, answer any questions that you may have, and address any concerns.

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